David Williams Zaanta

My name is David Williams. I’m an Englishman living in a small village in the north of Germany – not far from Hamburg – with my amazing German wife, Petra. I have a son and daughter living in Luton, UK.

I’m also known as “Saethon” Williams, particularly when producing Audio Books. (It’s my middle name)












We have a Border Collie, Emma, who is a graceful 16 years old and I’ve lived here now for 17 years.

I first got involved in Voiceover work when I volunteered to record audio books (or a part of a book) for Librivox. These wonderful people have a goal of creating audio books for all works that are in the public domain, and thereby making them accessible to all for free.


Then I was asked to record a book for a Buddhist website, Pariyatti, which makes Ebooks available at little or no cost to anyone who registers (free) with them.




From the feedback I received, I wondered if it was possible to actually make some money at this! I was already listed on Elance as a freelance editor/proofreader and had had some success in this field. By accident, a Swedish company advertised a VO job under this category and my bid was accepted. I decided to switch categories to “Voice Talent”! Next step was to get serious! A new (& good quality) microphone – a little recording booth – getting my name (and voice!) listed with ……………


While audio books, especially children’s, are my favourite, (on ACX – Amazon audio books – I’m known as Saethon Williams) I am always happy to record anything: telephony, corporate video voiceovers, Elearning courses & tutorials, one-liners or a 24 page Security Training Manual. Like all voiceover artists, I love doing this! Please check out my voice on my ‘listen to me’ page…………..looking forward to hearing from you, working with you, and – getting YOUR message across.